Binding Machines

Binding Machines

  • GBC

    GBC ThermaBind T200 A4 Thermal Binder THERMABINDT200

    Thermal A4 binder200 sheet binding capacitydocument support & integral (21mm) cooling trayIdeal for general office use, the ThermaBind T200 adds a stylish ‘perfect bound’ look to documents and presentations, binding up to 200 80gsm A4 sheets in a single...
  • GBC

    GBC WireBind W20 A4 Wire Binder WIREBINDW20

    Manual A4 wire binder20 sheet punch capacity125 sheet binding capacity with 14mm wirespunches A4 & A5 paperbuilt in wire closer control functionIdeal for frequent office use, the sturdy and practical WireBind W20 is designed to make manual binding easier...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Pulsar A4 Electric Comb Binder PULSARA4E

    Electric A4 comb binderup to 15 sheet electric punch capacity300 sheet manual binding with 38mm combvertical document loadingMachine includes a window to the chip tray, document thickness and comb sizing guide, push button punch, rotary adjustable edge...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Helios 60 Thermal Binder HELIOS60

    Thermal A4 binderbinds up to 600 A4 sheets of paper60mm combined document binding thickness4 minute warm up timeHarnessing the power of heat to bind your documents in a secure and easy way, the Helios 60 Thermal Binding machine is perfect for large...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C366E Comb Binder COMBBINDC366E

    Electric A4 comb binder30 sheet punch capacity450 sheet binding capacity with 51mm combspunches A4 & A5 paperpaper centeringpull out clipping trayThe CombBind C366E is ideal for busy offices with frequent binding needs as electronic paper punching and...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind 200 Binding Machine COMBBIND200

    Manual A4 comb binderup to 20 sheet punch capacity*up to 330 sheet binding capacity using 38mm combsfull width handle to make punching smooth and effortlessBinding doesn't get any simpler! The CombBind C200 is ideal for offices with regular binding...
  • GBC

    GBC WireBind W18 A4 Wire Binder WIREBINDW18

    Manual A4 wire binder15 sheet punch capacity125 sheet binding capacity with 14mm wireauto centeringdocument separatorIdeal for regular office use, the sturdy and practical WireBind W18 is designed to make manual binding easier. With document separating...
  • GBC

    GBC MultiBind 208 A4 Binder MULTIBIND208

    Manual A4 comb/wire binder8 sheet punch capacitybind up to 125 pages - using a 14mm comb or 21 loop wireThe MultiBind 208 gives you the flexibility to cater for all occasions: Comb binding - Is perfect for informal (Internal Documents) such as training...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Star Plus A4 Comb Binder STARPLUS

    Manual A4 comb binderup to 12 sheet punch capacity150 sheet binding with 18mm combvertical sheet loadingWorking with ease to securely fasten your documents, the Fellowes Star Manual Comb Binder is perfect for giving your documents a professional edge...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes QUASAR A4 Wire Binder QUASAR

    Manual A4 wire binderup to 15 sheet punch capacity130 sheet binding capacity with 14mm wirevertical document loadingSimply purchase this product and be entered into the Fellowes Prize Draw to win a business, home or education craft pack worth £500 until...