Lms Data 12Cm Translucent Led Enhanced Pc Case Fan 4-Pin/3-Pin Purple Led F FAN-12-PUR

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Looking to customise your new or existing gaming PC and need an effective cooling system? Introducing the LMS Data CoolFlow 12cm fan which is ideal for almost all computer and PC active cooling applications. Not does it include the standard 12cm wide size; but it also has both 3-pin and 4-pin (Molex) power input connectors; for total flexibility. And it's not just about cooling efficiency. We know PC enthusiasts like an impressive looking machine; so our 12cm fan's coming with a super long-life LED; illuminating the entire fan in purple. Finally; reliability; especially when considering system cooling is never overlooked by LMS Data. Incorporating optimum angled fan blades for increased airflow and reduced noise (27dB approx.) and an industry leading lifespan of around 20;000 MTBF means you can be sure of reliable and efficient system-wide cooling. Features
- Super Long Life LED
- Optimum Angled Fan Blades
- Increased Airflow
- Reduced Noise; 27b (approx.)
- LED Illumination: Purple
- Size: Standard 12cm Wide
- Efficient CoolFlow Turbine Blades
- Fan Diameter: 120 x 120 mm
- Fan Depth: 25 mm
- Fan Speed (RPM): 1000rpm +/
- 10%
- Power Connections: 3-Pin and 4-Pin Molex Power Input Connectors
- MTBF: 20;000 Continuous Hours; Poly Carb Design
- Fixing Screws: Four Supplied as Standard
- Enhanced PC Cooling
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