Speedlink Anniversary Edition Competition Pro Extra Usb Joystick Black/Red SL-650212-BKRD

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Specially designed to mark the 20th anniversary of the Speedlink brand; the COMPETITION PRO EXTRA USB joystick is a declaration of the company's love for nostalgic computer games. Its design with its unmistakable arcade machine stick and technology
- such as the iconic micro switches with their loud click
- is a throwback to the original COMPETITION PRO from the 80s; the famously popular joystick for home computers. Building on this the new stick has been designed for the digital era; making it perfect for arcade and retro games. And for you to enjoy some classic action; your COMPETITION PRO EXTRA comes with 20 games for download
- one to mark each year since Speedlink was founded
- including reinterpretations of retro gems such as Summer Games as well as arcade titles; all in the spirit of great home computer classics. With its DirectInput support you'll be gaming in no time at all
- and there are no drivers to install either. And thanks to the joystick's two round and two triangular fire buttons plus rapid-fire mode you'll enjoy a huge gaming advantage. The COMPETITION PRO EXTRA is compatible with Windows 7 or later and Android devices via an OTG adapter. 80s here we come! Features
- Premium Quality
- Digital USB Joystick for PCs and Android Devices
- Perfect for Arcade and Retro Games
- Nostalgic Design Taken from the Original Competition Pro's Arcade Machine Stick
- Anniversary Edition Includes Games Collection with 20 Retro Games for Download (Windows Only; Unlockable with Enclosed Code)
- Increased Signal Rate Versus the Previous Generation
- Digital Stick with Micro Switches; 2x Axes; 4x Fire Buttons and Rapid-fire Mode
- Foam Rubber Feet
- Construction: Plastic
- Connection: Gold-plated USB-A Connector (USB 1.1.)
- Windows: DirectInput; Driverless Installation
- Android: Via OTG Adapter (Not Included)
- USB Polling Rate: 125Hz
- Cable Length: 1.8m
- Dimensions (WxDxH): 96 x 118 x 130 mm
- Weight (Including Cable): 280g
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