Binding Machines

Binding Machines

  • GBC

    GBC MultiBind 220 A4 Comb Binder MULTIBIND220

    Manual A4 comb/4 hole binder20 sheet punch capacity450 sheet comb binding capacity with 51mm comb4 hole punchA combination CombBind and tough 4 hole punch unit for full coordination with all popular filing and archiving systems. Opt for comb binding if...
  • GBC

    GBC SureBind System 1 Strip Binder SUREBINDSYSTEM1

    Strip binder22 sheet punch capacity200 sheet electric binding capacity with 25mm stripfixed edge guidede-bind tool incl.If you need a secure solution for binding contractual, legal, personnel and other professional documents then you need look no further...
  • GBC

    GBC ThermaBind T400 A4 Thermal Binder THERMABINDT400

    Thermal A4 binder400 sheet binding capacityadjustable heat settingsauto shut downvariable timerintegral cooling trayDesigned for medium to high office use, the ThermaBind T400 adds a stylish ‘perfect bound’ look to documents and presentations, binding...
  • GBC

    GBC SureBind System 2 Strip Binder SUREBINDSYSTEM2

    Electric A3A4 & A5 strip binder22 sheet punch capacity500 sheet binding capacity with 2 inch spinesfixed edge guidede-bind tool includedThe SureBind System 2 is a moderate volume, strip binding machine. This electric punch and bind system combines power...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C366E Comb Binder COMBBINDC366E

    Electric A4 comb binder30 sheet punch capacity450 sheet binding capacity with 51mm combspunches A4 & A5 paperpaper centeringpull out clipping trayThe CombBind C366E is ideal for busy offices with frequent binding needs as electronic paper punching and...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C450E A4 Comb Binder COMBBINDC450E

    Electric A4 hole and document binder25 sheet punch capacity450 sheet binding capacityclippings tray full indicatorThe CombBind C450E is ideal for the average office with everyday binding requirements. Paper punching is electronic, making the binding...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C366 Comb Binder COMBBINDC366

    Manual A4 comb binder30 sheet punch capacity450 sheet binding capacity with 51mm combspunches A4 & A5 paperThe CombBind C366 is ideal for offices with frequent binding needs, combining a manual punch capacity of up to 30 80gsm sheets with a binding...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C340 A4 Comb Binder COMBBINDC340

    Manual A4 comb binder25 sheet punch capacity450 sheet binding capacity with 51mm combsdouble handleThe CombBind C340 is a manual binder with the binding capacity of 450 sheets and the punch capacity of 25 sheets, with a double handle for extra power when...
  • GBC

    GBC ClickBind 150 Binding Machine CLICKBIND150

    A4 Click binding machine15 sheet punch capacity145 sheet binding capacitypaper alignment systemlow force punch and sheet alignment indicatorsA compact and stylish office click binding machine, the Clickbind 150 combines a 15 sheet punch capacity with a...
  • GBC

    GBC CombBind C150 Pro A4 Comb Binder COMBBINDC150PRO

    Manual A4 comb binder20 sheet punch capacityup to 450 sheet binding capacity with 51mm combsIdeal for everyday high volume use, the CombBind C150Pro is a robust and durable comb binder. Easy to use and with a large capacity clippings tray, it can punch...