• Sharp

    Sharp EL-240SA Handheld Calculator EL240

    8 digit large durable keysdual power3 key memoryangled displaydual power (battery & solar)auto power offtab functionlast answer functionHandheld calculator with basic angled 8-digit LCD display and dual power. Using a twin power source to help...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-20UC Pink Compact Desk Calculator MS20UCPK

    12 digit extra large displaydual power3 key memoryprofit margin %sign change key3 digit comma markers3 key rollover correction key (backspace)auto power offanti slip rubber feetpinkThis colourful Desk calculator features 12 Digit Big display with a two...
  • Casio

    Casio FX-9860GII Graphic Calculator FX9860GII

    1.5mb memory graphing calculatoricon menuprogrammabledynamic graphinggraph solve sketch/zoomcomplex numbersscatter graphsUSB/3 pin connectionAll the functions you'd expect from a modern graphic. It's fast, powerful and incorporates natural textbook...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-120BM Desk Calculator MS120BM

    12 digitangled displaydual power3 key memory4 constants (k)3 digit comma marker00 keytax calculationfunction command signsA 12 Digits display semi-desk model. Features include 3 Key memory, Extra large display, Tax and Cost Sell Margin functions, 4...
  • Casio

    Casio DJ-120DPLUS Desktop Calculator DJ120DPLUS

    12 digitdual power3 key memorypercentprofit margin %3 digit comma markers300 step check & correctgrand totalcorrection keyauto power offplastic caseThe twin-powered, Casio desktop calculator features a large 12 digit diplay with large keys for easy...
  • Casio

    Casio HR-8RCE Print and Display Calculator HR8RCE

    12 digitLCD displayindependent memoryEuro conversiontax calculationcommand signspercentprofit margin percentauto power off2.0 lines per secondThe HR-8RCE is a 12 digit display Printing Calculator. Features include Percentage calculation, tax and...
  • Casio

    Casio HR-200RCE 2 Colour Print Calculator HR200RCE

    12 digitlarge LCD display3 Euro conversion rates4 key memorypercentclock/time stampprofit calculation (cost sell margin)tax calculation2.0 lines per secondauto power offThis Casio is a Light to Medium Duty 12 Digit Printing Calculator that is packed full...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-100TER Desk Calculators MS100TER

    12 digitangled displaydual power3 key memorymetal faceEURO currency conversionprofitfunction command signsauto power offCompact desk calculator with two-way power and EXTRA BIG LC-Display for easy reading. Functions include tax and percentage...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT303 Desk Calculator DT303

    12 digitfixed angle displaydual power4 key memorysquare rootcorrection keydecimal point selector keygrand totalmark uppercentroundingThe Aurora DT303 is built for durability and reliability and is a great calculator for heavy duty applications, the large...