• Casio

    Casio MS-20UC Pink Compact Desk Calculator MS20UCPK

    12 digit extra large displaydual power3 key memoryprofit margin %sign change key3 digit comma markers3 key rollover correction key (backspace)auto power offanti slip rubber feetpinkThis colourful Desk calculator features 12 Digit Big display with a two...
  • Casio

    Casio DJ-120DPLUS Desktop Calculator DJ120DPLUS

    12 digitdual power3 key memorypercentprofit margin %3 digit comma markers300 step check & correctgrand totalcorrection keyauto power offplastic caseThe twin-powered, Casio desktop calculator features a large 12 digit diplay with large keys for easy...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT85V Desk Calculator DT85V

    12 digit display2 independent memoriesdecimal point selectordual powerhard keyscorrection key+/- change key00 keypercentsquare rootThe Aurora DT85V is built for durability and reliability and is a great calculator for heavy duty applications, the 12...
  • Aurora

    Aurora EC707 Handheld Calculator EC707

    12 digit extra large angled LCD display3 key memorydecimal selectorsquare rootrounding percentlarge equals barmade from 50%+ recycled plasticThe Aurora EC707 large desk EcoCalc, is made from recycled plastic, powered entirely by light and is totally...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT210 Desk Calculator DT210

    8 digitbig number angled displayhard keysdual power4 key memorysquare rootpercent+/- change keyThe Aurora DT210 is a very useful semi-desk sized general purpose calculator that has an angled 8 digit LCD display to enable easy viewing. The calculator is...
  • Aurora

    Aurora HC133 Handheld Calculator HC133

    8 digitdual powerhard keys3 key memorysquare rootpercent+/- sign changeThe Aurora HC133 is an ideal calculator for general use, it has a large clear 8 digit LCD display to enable easy viewing and is solar powered with a battery backup for reliability...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT401 Desk Calculator DT401

    Extra large 12 digit LCD displayadjustable displayprogrammable exchange rate featurehard keysdual powerdecimal point selectorEURO conversionThe Aurora DT401 is built for durability and reliability and is a great calculator for heavy duty applications,...
  • Casio

    Casio FX-CG50 Graphic Calculator FXCG50

    16mb memory graphing calculator8line & 21 characterspassword protectiondynamic graphing3D graphsspreadsheet calculationsPC connectivityrecommended and approved for AS & A levelThe fx-CG50 brings maths to life with the next generation of graphing...
  • Ibico

    Ibico 212X Desktop Calculator IBICO212X

    Large 12 digit adjustable tilt LCD displaydual power3 key memoryraised keys for fast entryauto power offpercentagecurrency conversionWith its convenient large keys, the Ibico 212X calculator achieves the perfect balance between visible display size and...
  • Casio

    Casio FR-620RE Printing Calculator FR620RE

    12 digitmainsPrinting Speed: 3.5 Lines/Secre-print |& After-print optionstime stamp2 Color-PrintEuro Conversionpercentage-/Deltapercentage Calculationrapid Correction Keydecimal Selector3-Digit Comma MarkersDouble-Zero KeyAC mainsThe FR-620RE Print...
  • Casio

    Casio HR-8RCE Print and Display Calculator HR8RCE

    12 digitLCD displayindependent memoryEuro conversiontax calculationcommand signspercentprofit margin percentauto power off2.0 lines per secondThe HR-8RCE is a 12 digit display Printing Calculator. Features include Percentage calculation, tax and...