• Rexel

    Rexel Mercury REX1023 Confetti Cut Shredder REX1023

    Up to 11 sheet capacity *4 x 45mm confetti cut23 litre bin230mm entry widthLED indicatorsauto cut out on bincarry handlesDesigned for executive use, this Mercury shredder provides sufficient security to shred confidential documents into approx. 200...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Automax 200M Micro Cut Shredder 200MICROCUT

    Up to 200 sheet automatic & 10 sheet manual capacity*2 x 14mm micro cut230mm throat width32 litre pull out waste binshreds staples and credit cardsauto stop and reverseThis 200M Auto Feed Shredder has Superior Security Micro-Cut capability for peace of...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes 425CI Cross Cut Shredder 425CI

    Up to 28-30 sheet shred capacity *3.9 x 30mm cross cut6m/min speed305mm throat width121 litre waste binthermal overload protectionjam indicatorauto stop on paper jambin full indicatorauto-oilcastorspaper storage facility100% Jam-Proof technology,...
  • Rexel

    Rexel Autoplus 200X Cross Cut Shredder AUTOPLUS200X

    200 sheet capacity* 4 x 40mm cross cut230mm throat width32 litre binaccepts stapled documents / paper clips / credit cards7 sheet manual bypass slotThis small office shredder for up to 10 users shreds up to 250 sheets (70gsm) or 200 sheets (80gsm)...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes 125CI Cross Cut Shredder 125CI

    Up to 18 sheet shred capacity *3.9 x 38mm cross cut230mm throat width53 litre pull out waste binthermal overload protectionSafe Sense Technology, 100% jam proof system, SilentShred? Technology, Energy saving system, accepts staples/credit...
  • Rexel

    Rexel Autoplus 600M Micro Cut Shredder AUTOPLUS600M

    600 sheet capacity*2 x 15mm micro cut230mm throat width80 litre pull out binaccepts stapled documents / paper clips / credit cardsreliable roller based technologydoor open/bin full and cool down indicatorSpend 98% less time shredding, save time and money...
  • Aurora

    Aurora AS1030C 5 x 55mm Cross Cut Shredder AS1030C

    Up to 10 sheet capacity *5 x 55mm cross cut2m/min speed220mm throat width19 litre binshreds credit cards small paper clips and staplesmanual & auto reverseThe Aurora AS1030C is a cross cut paper shredder that will shred up to 10 sheets of paper at a time...
  • Rexel

    Rexel Mercury RSS2434 Strip Cut Shredder RSS2434

    Up to 24 sheet capacity*6mm Strip cut225mm throat width34 litre binauto cut out when the bin is openshreds staples paper clips credit cards & CD'sJam Free technology with continuous sensingless than 62dB noise levelIdeal for the small office with up to...
  • Rexel

    Rexel AutoPlus 750X Cross Cut Shredder AUTOPLUS750X

    850 sheet capacity*4 x 40mm cross cut230mm throat width115 litre pull out binshreds stapled documents / paper clips / credit cards.This large office shredder, ideal for over 20 users can shreds up to 850 sheets (70gsm) or 750 sheets (80gsm) automatically...
  • Aurora

    Aurora AS800CD 5 x 47mm Cross Cut Shredder AS800CD

    Up to 8 sheet capacity *5 x 47mm cross cut6m/min speed220mm throat width16 litre binshreds CD's credit cards small paper clips and staplesThe AS800CD is an attractively styled shredder with a high gloss finish and is designed to look smart in your home...