• Fellowes

    Fellowes Callisto A3 Laminator CALLISTOA3

    A3 office laminatorcold lamination capablelaminates up to 125 micron pouches*4 temperature settingsHeatGuard Technologyincludes starter kit for 10 documents325mm entry widthSimply purchase this product and be entered into the Fellowes Prize Draw to win a...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Voyager A3 Laminator VOYAGERA3

    A3 office laminator90cm/mm lamination speedbelt drivenlaminates up to 2 x 250 (500) micron thickProviding you with documents that can be handled repeatedly without any deterioration in the quality, the Fellowes Voyager Laminator is perfect for all...
  • GBC

    GBC Fusion 6000L A3 Laminator FUSION6000LA3

    A3 office laminatorlaminates up to 2x250 (500) micron thick15 seconds or less per A4 document60 second warm-up timeintelligent input sensorssimple one touch user interfaceauto thickness and temperature settingProfessional quality, accelerated...
  • GBC

    GBC Pro Series 3600 A3 Laminator PRO3600

    A3 office laminatorlaminate ID to A3 documentslaminates up to 2x250 (500) micron thickvariable temperature control2 memory presetsdigital displayreverse function6 roller technologyThe Pro3600 offers high speed, high volume, professional finish lamination...
  • GBC

    GBC Fusion 7000L A3 Laminator FUSION7000LA3

    A3 office laminatorlaminates up to 2x250 (500) micron thick13 seconds or less per A4 document60 second warm-up timeintelligent input sensorsintelligent auto reverse prevents pouch misfeeds or jamsauto thickness and temperature settingProfessional...
  • Swordfish

    Swordfish TIMESAVER2 A3 Laminator TIMESAVER2

    A3 home & small office laminatortakes approximately 38 seconds to laminate an A4 sheet1 minutes warm up timepush button digital controlaudible and visual temperature indicatorsThe TimeSaver2 laminator from Swordfish really lives up to its name – it...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Pixel A3 Laminator PIXELA3

    A3 personal laminator80 & 125 micron laminating capabilityready to laminate in 3 minutesrelease triggerauto-shut off after 30 minutes inactivityincludes starter kit for 10 documentsA sleek and stylish laminator from Fellowes, the Pixel A3 laminator is an...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Lunar A3 Laminator LUNARA3

    A3 personal laminatorlaminates up to 80 micron pouches1 temperature settinganti-jamming release lever325mm entry width6 minutes heat up time, apprThe Fellowes Lunar A3 Laminator is a low-cost, high performance laminator designed for occasional use in the...
  • Swordfish

    Swordfish 330LR Compact Laminator 330LRCOMPACT

    A3 330LR compact office laminatorlaminates up to 2 x 125 (250) micron thick400mm/min laminating speed2-3 minutes warm up timejam release button2 rollerssilverWith compact and lightweight designs, this Compact Laminator is portable, convenient and easy to...
  • Fellowes

    Fellowes Calibre A3 Laminator CALIBREA3

    A3 office laminatorcold lamination capablelaminates up to 125 micron pouches*auto shut-off after 30 minutesHeatGuard & Instaheat Technologyincludes starter kit for 10 documents320mm entry widthThis professional Fellowes Calibre laminator features...
  • Leitz

    Leitz iLAM Office Pro A3 Laminator 75181084

    A3 professional laminatorone touch settingslaminates up to 175 micronintelligent sensor technologyfast minute warm-up time500mm a minute laminating speed4 rollersFully automatic A3 high speed premium laminator with unique sensor technology. 5 settings...