• Casio

    Casio MS-20UC Pink Compact Desk Calculator MS20UCPK

    12 digit extra large displaydual power3 key memoryprofit margin %sign change key3 digit comma markers3 key rollover correction key (backspace)auto power offanti slip rubber feetpinkThis colourful Desk calculator features 12 Digit Big display with a two...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-100TER Desk Calculators MS100TER

    12 digitangled displaydual power3 key memorymetal faceEURO currency conversionprofitfunction command signsauto power offCompact desk calculator with two-way power and EXTRA BIG LC-Display for easy reading. Functions include tax and percentage...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT303 Desk Calculator DT303

    12 digitfixed angle displaydual power4 key memorysquare rootcorrection keydecimal point selector keygrand totalmark uppercentroundingThe Aurora DT303 is built for durability and reliability and is a great calculator for heavy duty applications, the large...
  • Casio

    Casio MX-8B Desk Calculator MX8B

    8 digitangled displaydual power4 key memoryMU key4 constants (k)square rootauto power off3 digit comma markerThis contemporary desk calculator has a clear display & easy to use. It is dual powered and performs the major basic functions: addition (extra...
  • Ibico

    Ibico 212X Desktop Calculator IBICO212X

    Large 12 digit adjustable tilt LCD displaydual power3 key memoryraised keys for fast entryauto power offpercentagecurrency conversionWith its convenient large keys, the Ibico 212X calculator achieves the perfect balance between visible display size and...
  • Casio

    Casio DF-120ECO Desk Calculator DF120ECO

    12 digitdual powerpercentprofit %sign change key3 digit comma markerskey rolloverexchange calculationslide switch/tab00 keyThe Great way to Calculate! For use at home or at work: the environmentally friendly DF-120ECO table-top calculator helps protect...
  • Casio

    Casio JW-200SC Desk Calculator JW200SC

    12 digit large LCD tilt displaydual power4 key memoryEURO conversiontax calculationschange sign keyadd selectorback space correction keyThe JW-200SC comes with features such as Tax calculations, Percentage calculations and Euro conversion. The desk...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-88ECO Mini Desk Calculator MS88ECO

    8 digit angled displaydual power3 key memorypercentprofit %sign change key3 digit comma markerskey rolloverbackspaceFor use at home or at work, the environmentally friendly MS88ECO desk calculator helps protect our environment. It comes equipped with a...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-100BM 10 Digit Semi Desk Calculator MS100BM

    10 digit large LC displaydual powerpercentage calculation including profit marginprofit calculation (CostSellMargin)tax calculation3 key memorykey for sign change +/-Metal cover, rubber feet, plastic keys, key rollover, 3 digit comma markers, function...
  • Casio

    Casio MS-80VERII Desk Calculator MS80VERII

    8 digit angled displaydual power3 key memorycurrency conversioncorrect keyprofit keyfunction command signsauto power offplastic case with metal coverThe MS-80VERII is the upgraded replacement for the 'MS80VER'. This model has a large and clear 8 digit...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DT210 Desk Calculator DT210

    8 digitbig number angled displayhard keysdual power4 key memorysquare rootpercent+/- change keyThe Aurora DT210 is a very useful semi-desk sized general purpose calculator that has an angled 8 digit LCD display to enable easy viewing. The calculator is...
  • Aurora

    Aurora DB453 Desk Calculator DB453

    8 digitbig number displaydual powerhard keysangled display3 key memorypercent+/- change keymark upauto power offTax functionThe Aurora DB453 is a semi-desk sized general purpose office calculator that has a large angled 8 digit LCD display to enable easy...