Disciples Liberation Deluxe Edition Sony Playstation 5 PS5 Game

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Disciples: liberation is a mature, dark fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based combat. Liberate the land of nevendaar and uncover the endless stories hidden within this richly detailed world where every decision has a consequence, and every wrong move could be deadly.Explore a rich overworld and align with a variety of in-world factions: from a human empire tinged by religious extremism to the dark forces of the undead lead by a Mad Queen. Assemble a team to gather precious resources, sway political standing, and take on brutal beasts in intricate turn-based battles.

Box Contains
The Deluxe Edition contains everything you need to take your journey even further;Within, you will find two unique sets of armour, two new weapons, an Emotion Shard;Wallpapers, a digital compendium, the Soundtrack and two Packs;Yllian Resources Pack - get extra ressources to build up your hometown;Pack with 5 Additional Skillpoints - get extra skillpoints for Avyanna
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