• Casio

    Casio SL-1000TW Handheld Calculator Red SL1000TWRED

    10 digit large LCD displaydual power4 key memorytax calculationspercentage calculationskey rollovermark upsquare rootback space correctionredThe SL-1100TV is designed for everyday use. It's a compact pocket calculator that comes with many features such...
  • Casio

    Casio SL-300SV Handheld Calculator SL300SV

    Extra large 8 digit displaydual Powered / Solar and Batteryauto power offprofit margin %3 key memory3 digit comma markerplastic keys & protective caseThe SL-300SV has a 8 digit display with 3 key memory. It's suitable for everyday use, solar battery...
  • Casio

    Casio HS-8VER Handheld Calculator HS8VER

    8 digitdual powercurrency conversionflip coverThe HS-8VER compact pocket calculator comes with features such as 8 digit display, Euro conversion, independent memory and percentage calculation. this calculator is suitable for all purpose.
  • Aurora

    Aurora CKECO Class Kit CKECO

    Classroom set: 30 x EC240 calculators in a robust plastic tray30 x EC240 calculator The EC240 is part of Aurora’s EcoCalc range. Made from recycled plastic, with recycled packaging, its is manufactured using ISO14001 compliant procedures and...
  • Aurora

    Aurora EC505 Handheld Calculator EC505

    12 digit angled LCD display3 key memorydecimal selector00 keysquare rootrounding percentlarge equals barmade from 50%+ recycled plasticThe Aurora EC505 desk EcoCalc, is made from recycled plastic, powered entirely by light and is totally battery free. It...
  • Casio

    Casio SL-210TE Handheld Calculator SL210TE

    10 digit displaydual power3 key memoryprofit margin %tax calculationspercentfunction command signs4 constantsauto power offThe SL-210TE calculator has a 10 digit display with 3 key memory. It's compact with a protective case that keeps it from damaging...
  • Casio

    Casio SL-460 Handheld Calculator School SL460

    8 digitdual power3 key memorysquare root+/- sign changepercentauto power offhard plastic keys and hard slide over caseAll basic calculators are not equipped equally. The SL-460 reaches beyond the normal with many unique features designed to help math...
  • Aurora

    Aurora EC240 Handheld Calculator EC240

    8 digit LCD displaysolar only power8 digit LCD display3 key memory+/- change sign keyThe Aurora EC240 handheld EcoCalc, is made from recycled plastic, packaged in recycled packaging cardboard and is battery free being totally solar powered. It has a...
  • Casio

    Casio HL-820VER Handheld Calculator HL820VER

    8 digit3 key memoryEURO currency conversion percentprofit margin %3 digit comma markersauto power offdual powerfunction command signsThe HL-820VER comes with 8 digit display, independent memory. Compact pocket calculators has other features such as Euro...
  • Casio

    Casio SL-320TER Handheld Calculator SL320TER

    12 digit displaydual power3 key memoryprofit margin %tax & exchangekey rollover3 digit comma markersmetal coverwalletThe SL320TER is a high powered pocket calculator in a sleek and sturdy metal casing.Dual powered with an automatic shutdown feature. ...