Print & Display

Print & Display

  • Casio

    Casio HR-200RCE 2 Colour Print Calculator HR200RCE

    12 digitlarge LCD display3 Euro conversion rates4 key memorypercentclock/time stampprofit calculation (cost sell margin)tax calculation2.0 lines per secondauto power offThis Casio is a Light to Medium Duty 12 Digit Printing Calculator that is packed full...
  • Rebell

    Rebell PDC10 Print and Display Calculator PDC10

    12 digit LCD displaybattery powered (4 x AA)3 key memory1 colour printer (Blue)1.4 LPS speedpercent buttontax keyround up/downauto power offSmall printing calculator with 12-digit display, printing speed of 1.4 lines/sec., blue colour printing, basic...
  • Ibico

    Ibico 1214X Print Calculator IBICO1214X

    12 digit angled LCD display4 key memory2.4 lines per second printing speedcurrency conversionpercentage2 colour printing (black/red)The compact Ibico 1214X Print Semi-Professional Calculator is flexible for use on your desktop with a mains adaptor or...
  • Casio

    Casio HR-8RCE Print and Display Calculator HR8RCE

    12 digitLCD displayindependent memoryEuro conversiontax calculationcommand signspercentprofit margin percentauto power off2.0 lines per secondThe HR-8RCE is a 12 digit display Printing Calculator. Features include Percentage calculation, tax and...
  • Casio

    Casio FR-620RE Printing Calculator FR620RE

    12 digitmainsPrinting Speed: 3.5 Lines/Secre-print |& After-print optionstime stamp2 Color-PrintEuro Conversionpercentage-/Deltapercentage Calculationrapid Correction Keydecimal Selector3-Digit Comma MarkersDouble-Zero KeyAC mainsThe FR-620RE Print...