Trimmer A2

Trimmer A2

  • Rexel

    Rexel A535 Pro A2 Trimmer A535TRIMMER

    3 in 1 trimmerup to 30 sheet cutting capacity615mm cutting lengthpaper clamp mechanismbi-directional trim actionintegrated dial-a-bladeback stopWith a 30-sheet capacity and a choice of 3 trim styles, the SmartCut™ A535Pro 3 in 1 A2 rotary trimmer can...
  • Avery

    Avery P640 A2 Precision Cutter P640

    A2 precision cutterup to 30 sheet cutting capacityself sharpening stainless steel rotary bladecutting length 640mmThe Avery A2 office precision trimmer is designed to be more compact and sturdier than other trimmers. Carry handles directs where the user...
  • Swordfish

    Swordfish Elite 670 A2 Trimmer ELITE670

    A2 professional trimmerup to 12 sheet cutting capacity*2 way cutting optionreplaceable carbon steel rotary bladecutting length 670mmThis superbly engineered trimmer is perfect for schools, offices and graphics studios. Their robust construction enables...